Quantitative Research

Our data gathering resources include a field force of over 100 fully trained interviewers.
Every project is closely supervised and we are committed to the most stringent, high quality data collection standards.

The company uses various methodologies for data collection, based on the type of research project conducted each time.

Methodologies Commonly Used in Quantitative Research

Door-to-door interviewing

Central location interviews
CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews)
Web CATI or CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviews)
In-home placement and product testing
Mail out studies
Extended usage panels
Purchase diary panels
CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews)
Internet based surveys & research

Our data analysis resources include a team of highly experienced analysts as well as experienced coding staff and keypunchers. We utilise the latest in computer technology including QPS for Windows, SPSS and QUANTUM data analysis software packages. Results are presented with the aid of computer graphics and are delivered to any part of the world either electronically or in hard copy format according to the client's requirements.

Types of Quantitative Research Conducted by RAI Consultants:

Habits & Attitudes Research
Habit Studies
Usage and Attitude studies

Lifestyle Research

Segmentation studies

Product Research
Concept testing
Product testing
Packaging studies
Name tests
Launch evaluation research
Tracking studies
Customer satisfaction studies
Corporate and brand positioning 
Advertising & Media Research
Concept testing
Creative copy development
Media research
Advertising and brand tracking

Other Research
Opinion research
Sampling effectiveness studies
Automotive research
Business/Industrial studies
Trade research
Communications research