An extension to the client’s planning team

RAI is commited to the highest calibre of data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation in order to provide precise, unequivocal direction. The key to our policy is to ensure that our clients are kept fully informed. And this policy is strictly followed from the first moment of our contact. 

After a thorough briefing from the client, we provide a detailed written proposal which outlines the study objectives, the methodology to be adopted and the study timings and costs. Most of our proposals are submitted within a few days from receipt of the client’s brief. 

The in-depth proposal forms the blueprint for the forthcoming research study. 

Our clients are kept fully informed on every step of the study and we welcome their involvement in the study design, questionnaire development and analysis of results. Considering ourselves as an extension to the client’s marketing and strategic planning team, we keep open every available channel of communication. The benefits of this policy are continually proven in everyday practice.

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