Company History

RAI Consultants Ltd was established in Cyprus in February 1995 by a team of leading professionals, each with a solid market research background and ample experience in applied marketing. From day one the objective was to establish an International business exploiting fully the experience of the management in emerging markets particularly in the ex Soviet Union and the Middle East. As a result the company succesfully branched out with offices in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgizstan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Due to limitations imposed by the relatively small size of the Cyprus Market, this expansion had played a vital role in the strategic growth of the company. Moreover, the provision of services to multinational firms has enabled RAI Consultants to develop high quality standards; and apply the same rigorous international standards to its local clientele.

Much of this geographical expansion has now been rolled back in order to focus on our key market in Cyprus. 
The consequence of this step was the establishment of RAI as the undisputed leader in market research in Cyprus. Moreover, the provision of services provided to demanding multinational firms, had enabled RAI to develop high quality standards and apply the same rigorous international standards to local clientele. 

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