Qualitative Research

With RAI you can go deeper than pure statistics or numbers. To fears, hungers, wants and loves. To passions, aspirations, feelings and attitudes.
Our qualitative research experts can offer you an in-depth understanding of the consumers - the way they approach daily and lifetime decision-making, and the way their lifestyles influence their decisions and choices. 

Working in an area full of new market opportunities and challenges, RAI is giving special attention to qualitative research. Understanding people - how they think and why they think the way they do, how their attitudes are forming and changing - is a splendid way to discover new markets. 

While our specialists are constantly investigating new approaches, the following represent the primary forms of qualitative research we undertake.

group discussions,
in-depth interviews,
in-Home visits, and
Participant observation

Our qualitative research resources include expert moderators, full-time recruitment managers and a team of highly experienced and dedicated recruitment staff. 

We strongly encourage clients to view the dynamics of their consumer markets. One-way mirrors or closed-circuit TV viewing, video and audio taping as well as relay through the internet, for all group discussions are available, as well as simultaneous translation where necessary.

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